Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Reminiscences of Simpler Times and the Yearning for Sense-er Ones

I miss the days where my biggest problem was my mind and my heart that either tore me in different directions, confusing me and making me feel lost, or tugged me down the same path with almost the exact same consequences, but often worse. 

Now it is the more physical issues that bother and haunt me the most. The ones that come with age and growing older. Responsibilities. The yearning to travel and be happy, to fill my photo book with an abundance of memories to share with my children and children's children, but struggling to make ends meet. 

I feel stuck in the middle. I am not young and naive anymore with little to do and not much to look out for. 

But I am not old enough for proper wages, years of experience and a job that could take care of me for a comfortable lifetime. 

It is a worrying middle. Quite like a valley. The perks perhaps don't outweigh the cons as they had on either sides and it seems like a steep climb to the other side.

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