Monday, 25 August 2014

"Can't help it, man; it's life" - Jasmine Cheshire

I always believed in fate. It gave me comfort knowing that things happen for a reason; whether it be a lesson or to push us in to the right direction. 
This year however had me especially doubting this. How can fate exist if we have so many people suffering from heartbreak or homelessness. Is it their fate to have no where to call home, starving and giving up on life? How do some people have a luckier 'fate' than others?

Whilst pondering the clock-work of the universe with my best friend, we came to a conclusion, which may sound stupid or complete and utter bullshit to some of you (or most). We decided that we do in fact believe in fate, but also karma. Perhaps when things go wrong for us, it's a test from life. These are the things that really challenge us and if we don't handle it the right way, it can lead us down the wrong path; the one which is not our 'fate'. 
If you handle it right, have faith, continue to be the best person you can be and keep positive vibes, you'll get out of it with the best outcome and experience. 

And if not, well at least you can say you were still a good person during your worst of days.