Sunday, 27 October 2013

I'M FREE!!#@$2rnfeirgddn

We wait for this moment from our first day of highschool. We would dream about how great it will be when homework doesn't exist to us and bullying will no longer be an issue in our daily lives. It came. I graduated from school.

It's the freedom that makes me most happy. Yes, responsibility is going to be a drag but I love that my life is now in my hands. It's the beginning and I can choose where I go from now. Not my parents, me. It sure as hell is scary but that's the thrill of it.

Unfortunately, I did exaggerate a tad bit because I still WACE exams and that keeps me form living and now I must spend my days in the library. But when it's all over, for good, I may just run away, go on a road trip and who the heck cares where I go, because the whole idea is just going.

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