Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lisztomania - the need to listen to music at all times.

Music has got to be one of the most magical creations in the world. It's impressive that a song can alter your mood completely and turn you from your best mood to an emotional wreck in approximately three and a half minutes; the sounds of a familiar song can suddenly take you back to a time and place to which you listened to it; it brings a variety of different people together to dance wildly and share their love.

I find myself most comfortable when music is blasting at a level that I can no longer speak without yelling, where I can sing along unheard and think of nothing but the lyrics. Where I can lose myself in the rhythm as if the music was a shield that saved me; knew me.

The feeling of acceptance when you listen to a song that describes your situation, your feelings or your thoughts so perfectly and you fall in love with it because it's as if it cares and knows you.

I lost myself in the music last night. I swayed and my hair felt like silk when it blew across my cheeks. I smiled at the lights and closed my eyes to the feeling of home. And for the first time in a long time, for several moments I thought I lost myself from the harsh realities of my world and the thoughts that scratch slowly and quietly at my mind, creeping up at me and washing over without a warning.

But even music can only go so far.

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