Wednesday, 4 February 2015


I am well over due for a post with just about two months passing of having not. I even avoided doing my ‘farewell 2014… I’d like to thank…. grew as a person so much…” and all that to end the year but it is now February and well I just cannot be bothered.

HOWEVER, last year I began the year naïve with little perception of just what to expect from leaving school and joining the real world, especially as I was neck deep in the world I created myself. I started this year with a full time job; starting my career, money in my account, realistic ambitions and not a single bad thought to keep me up at night.

My only problem is that I now stand among things that are just that; things, and around me is nothing more than just coincidences. Does the sun have any effect on us as a person? Nah. Do things happen for a reason? Probably not. Are we just mere bacteria trying to find meaning of our lives? Most likely.

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