Thursday, 11 February 2016

The Four Worlds of a Human Being

Perhaps it is my fascination of the unknown, the aspects in life that cannot be proven, but only exist due to theory and belief, that my ‘mild’ obsession with Astrology came to be.
I love theories, mostly the ones that have many arrows pointing to yes but will forever be a ‘what if’. They make you think.
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I am quite surprised I haven’t written more posts on this topic. I guess I didn’t want to scare you off (it often has that affect on people). But I am extremely fascinated by the ideas of astrology, so much so, I actually got a tattoo of the symbols of the elements on my chest.

I’m not going to ramble on about how I am a Scorpio, a water element and reflect the deeply emotional traits associated with that sign. Instead, I’m going to tell you about a thought I had while watching American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Elsa, the ring leader, was talking to an obese lady, a lady who adores food and says, “you are a lover of the physical world”. It got me thinking: what about the other worlds?            
There is supposedly 4 components/worlds of being a human: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual world. It made me wonder; are we partly a lover of one world more than the others? Is there one component where we truly find we belong the most? I know for a fact, I am emotional, and love all things that have emotional meaning behind it. The world of emotions and emotional creativity is where I find I mostly exist; where I am happy.

I then began to wonder, is the component/world where one finds themselves completely random or does it have a pattern, like Astrology, for instance. Could one’s astrological sign and element determine where they exist the most? I know water signs are emotional (as f**k). Feeling is what water signs do best; the good and the bad. We are empathetic, we understand and relate and help the world in our own way (if we don’t get consumed by our own emotions of course). We also look to creating; writing, painting or drawing, anything to inspire and erect feelings in others.

Then could Earth signs and their analytical nature and tendencies to over-think, exist mostly in the mental side of things? What would the world do without their rationality and obsessions with getting the facts?

Could fire signs and their ‘act first, think later’ attitude likely make them a physical person? An adventurer? A lover of the physical world?

I haven’t quite figured out Air’s deal but I imagine they often dwell in the spiritual side of things. Perhaps these are the dreamers, the philosophers, the leaders to the unknown.

Before I finish before you send me off to seek professional help, like Astrology that I believe in, I always admit the entire concept is likely to only be a theory and may be completely false. But it can’t help but make you wonder and the coincidences often make you think. And there are always exceptions.   

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