Monday, 5 December 2016

Camping spot #2: Sandy Cape

My boyfriend and I like to go camping. We go every month or so, maintaining the ritual until the cold and wet season kicks in and I can barely get out bed let alone to the middle of nowhere.

But seeing as its warm, we have been taking advantage of the weather and have been going camping pretty often, checking out new places and trying to find different spots.

Dwellingup, aka Nanga Mill is our favorite. I guess this is because it is a forest which provides you with not only a shit tonne of space to go exploring and heaps of hidden places to find, but probably also due to the fact that there isn't sand in every possible direction and you aren't constantly finding sand in places that sand should not be.

But Sandy Cape was beautiful; located just past Jurien Bay, about 2 hours north of Perth that we also recommend. 

We have been here twice. The first time was just the two of us escaping from reality for a couple nights as it was a long weekend. We kept ourselves amused for the ride there by playing Eye Spy. On the roads that we traveled down however, meant there was literally only sky, the road and shrubs on either side of us with the occasional sign, so we got creative with the things that we 'spied' by coming up with words not commonly used for it or things not easily seen. Like, for instance 'condensation' for the clouds, or some sort of car part my boyfriend knew I wouldn't even know existed let alone could find on the car that drove in front of us.  

Sandy Cape. surrounded by gigantic white sand dunes and beautiful beaches, offers camping sites with public bathrooms and access to the beach. However when we got there it was far too busy for any additional campers and it was $15 a night which neither of us wanted to pay. So we headed down a sandy track that ran parallel to the beach in the hopes of finding a less crowded and much cheaper spot to stay. 
To go down this track (just right of the camping grounds) I recommended you have a 4WD as the track is very rocky and sandy and could probably do some damage to your vehicle. 
The track had a  clearing every 100m where a track ran from it towards the beach, leading to a secluded and private clearing perfect for camping. Majority were taken and it wasn't until we went down the 7th or so track that we finally found a free spot.

It was on a cliff, looking down at the ocean and was covered in rocks. It was a bit difficult trying to set up with the wind and hoping that the jaggered rocks wouldn't cut or damage the bottom of our brand new and expensive tent, but the view was beautiful. 
After we had set up and were watching the sun descend below the ocean, I wandered around the cliff edge, finding a small and steep path that lead down to our private beach. What more could you want?

The sand was so fine that in the morning we found the sand had somehow gotten into our tent and covered our sleeping bags and pillows but I had grown attached to this spot, despite how windy, and was reluctant to leave.

We spent the morning swimming in our beach before taking a drive to the dunes and passing an Eagle perched majestically on top of a tree. 

The second time we came here was with a group of friends. We didn't camp in the same spot, instead finding a free patch of sand directly on the beach for all of us to fit. It was quite late by the time we got there so we had some drinks, made dinner and chatted until bedtime.

The next morning however was another story. As all the boys had 4WD's, they tied a rope to the back of their tray, got the kneeboard out and everyone had a turn sliding down the beach and across the water.
Some of the boys who were more daring hopped onto a surfboard while the rest of us spectated and had the first aid ready or sat on the tray, holding on for our dear lives. 

On the way back home we stopped at the 'Desert of Rocks' or, 'The Pinnacles', whatever you want to call it.
It was about $12 a vehicle and there were so many huge rocks springing from the yellow ground in an impressive manner. 
Just don't get your hopes up because it literally is nothing more than a desert of rocks with gigantic stinger bugs stalking their pray (you). 

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