Monday, 26 August 2013


I compare things. I constantly compare myself to others. I compare my smile, my nose, the size of my feet, my laugh, my sneeze, my handwriting, the shape of my eyebrows, my taste in music, my life. Most of the time I'm left dissappointed, and wondering, "why were they blessed with such good genes to have been given such a perfectly rounded nose.." I compare what I did on the weekend with others, what they did for new years and their life always seems so much better. I have stories to tell but they're not outrageous, crazy, stupid or extremely memorable like everyones elses.
I feel as if my youth is being ripped from under me, and don't get me wrong, I'm still extremely young, but I feel like im wasting my young years by not doing enough stupid and crazy things. What stories do I have to tell about my rebellious days? Well, I backchatted my parents. Oh, and this one time my nanna said not to scratch my mosquito bite... But I did.

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