Monday, 19 August 2013


While I sat painting on a wooden board, becoming frustrated with my inability to paint straight lines and in between my thoughts of destroying it, I thought about my blog and what I could write. I love fashion, and so that's what this blog is about, and will always be out, but I decided that I would make this blog a semi-personal one too, where I will share my thoughts when I ponder the universe.

Firstly, I came to the realisation that there is only one thing that doesnt change; the fact that everything changes. Most people would have known that much longer, but perhaps I was in denial. Because when things are perfect, who would want to think about that changing? Certainly not me. It saddens me when I think that this very moment of when I type, that very moment I pushed, lets say, the 'd' key, is gone, and will never return. And what saddens me the most is that I probably won't remember those moments ever again.

And so now, I'll write down the important ones, fearing that they will eventually slip from my mind and so I'll remember those little moments of pure happiness; or so that I remember to appreciate that certain person for being in my life and all that they did; or so that when I become old I can remember those stories I couldn't wait to tell my children; or when my grandchildren ask how I met their grandfather, I can tell them clearly as if reading from a book.

So these were the thoughts that flooded into my mind while painting an image for my assignment that will most likely be thrown into a fire; a memory I don't care of keeping.

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