Monday, 10 February 2014

Beauty of Wonderland

I grew up with fairy tales. They're basically my childhood; from the films, books or pretending I was a lost princess who was to be rescued from my lovely mother by my prince charming. Fairy tales contributed a lot to my expectations of life. For instance, I believed that if you want something bad enough and you don't give up, it will be yours and of course, when you are of the age 16-18, you will meet your true love who save you and you will both live happily ever after. 

When I was little I would also have argumentative discussions with my sisters on which fairytale princess we would want to be. I would choose Ariel, the Little Mermaid. 98% of my childhood wishes were to become a mermaid (the other 2% was for my stuffed bear to come alive). Pinocchio made me believe that wishing hard enough on the right star would make my wish come true.
Perhaps it was the adventuring of the ocean or the mystery of the mermaids themselves that excited me but I wanted the Little Mermaid story, except the exact opposite, to happen to me so freakin' bad. 

My love for fairytales and my expectations have barely changed apart from that I know it won't be a prince that saves me, but my true love nonetheless. And I'm a tad skeptical with the whole 'happily ever after' part. 

But it was a bit of a shock to me when I rethought this question last night (yes, these are the kind of questions I ask myself when my brain won't let me sleep) and I came to the result of Alice in Wonderland. I want to be Alice who ventures to a completely different world filled with 'peculiar' and backwards things like a parallel universe. It actually seems like paradise, because what is considered as 'normal' wouldn't necessarily fit that criteria for myself (in this world). In wonderland, everything is opposite and absolutely anything is possible. And coming from a place where majority of things are near-impossible, including the lies and false expectations created by fairy tales, I would willingly jump down that rabbit hole. 

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