Tuesday, 4 November 2014


I think back to this time last year and wow, how things have changed.
I had just graduated from high school and was embracing freedom and my new life that awaited with so much enthusiasm. Little did I know that I would soon be looking back at those high school days with so much Nostalgia.
But similarly to that time, I literally just turned eighteen 4 days ago and now I am once again embracing the actual freedom I have and saying goodbye to curfews and staying out more on weekdays and buying alcohol legally and exploring cute vintage bars and making new best friends for the night clubbing and going on mini trips.

Truth is, I hated change. I thought the change of the disappearance of school was great but it wasn't the only thing that changed the beginning of this year and I would hold on to familiarity so tight even though it was like a thread that had started to fray, not willing to let go.
But as the year slowly comes to an end, with only 2 months left of this extremely eventful 2014, I can now say, comfortably and acceptingly, that every single thing changes. Everything.
And perhaps I am not one that should be giving out advice, but if I could say one thing to you, to which you would actually think about and consider with all seriousness (although I'm sure a lot of you figured this out a looooong time ago), rather than stick your feet in the mud, go with the flow; embrace that change excitingly and make the most of it. It took me much longer than it should have to finally come to terms with this, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't be where I am today, at this very second, reminiscing of the past few months and smiling at the memories that I hope to never forget. And for once, I am so fucking excited for what is to come.

And here I would just like to share a couple photos from my birthday weekend which was friggen AWESOME and much of a blur. 
Here is one of the many photos taken on the train with my best friend after we found a pair of scissors in my bag (god knows how they ended up there). My birthday was on Halloween so we dressed up in ripped shirts and fake blood with minimal effort as it was a last minute decision but nevertheless, best. Night. Ever. 
And this was from the next night after having literally less than one hour sleep from the one before, as we didn't event get home until 6:00 in the damn morning (so worth it). The guy in the middle is Nathaniel who a lot of you may have heard of as he is practically a friggen celebrity who we met on the street when trying to find an atm! And sings "baby it's you, you, you, youuu. You make me feel alriiiigttttttttt. Baby yoouuuuu-oooooo". 
And he said happy birthday to me :')

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