Sunday, 8 March 2015

Future Music

So long Summer. You shall be missed. I only wish I spent more days risking skin cancer and going on adventures rather than watching horror films with the air con on full blast. 

On the bright side I ended summer with a bang by attending Future music festival. Thank god the day after was a public holiday and I was given some time to recover before going back to work and pretending to be enthusiastic while I answered a hundred phone calls. 

There were a variety of artists playing such as Drake and Example but I found myself (or should I say 'lost' myself) rocking out more to the likes of Darude and Knife Party. 

I purchased my outfit from Transit spending pretty much my whole lunch break trying on clothes and finally feeling pleased with my decision of a chiffon play suit with ties two metres long and black and white converses. 

The first photo is a picture of me taken by people from General Pants & Co. and I was so stoked to find the following day that I was one of 5 people at Future Music to win a $50 gift card voucher for being a 'style guru'. It was definitely worth the golf ball-sized blisters I received from my new shoes and thank goodness I was too 'gone' to notice the horrendous pain that I definitely felt in the morning. 

It was also one of my best friends of 6 years, 19th birthday so of course we had to go extra hard. 

So although I may have some regrets of my summer, the way it ended was definitely not one of them and I by far had one of the best days of my life-making new friends and great memories (cliche but true). 

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