Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Friday night was spent eating at Jamie Oliver’s and attending the casino for the first time. Jamie Oliver’s restaurant did not disappoint, filling me up with fettuccini bolognaise topped with bread crumbs (genius), and my boyfriend with the most delicious steak and mashed potato, that even I who practically despises steak, got a tad jealous.

And what got me the most was the extremely affordable prices of the food with my dish only $22!
Our dinner also involved a proposal within the restaurant I believe (it was all quite crowded), but much to my sadness, the propose-d walked out of the restaurant and the propose-r followed quite distraught.
The night was then continued to the casino where we met some friends. I was quite blown away by the casino itself, however not so much the people as they stumbled around and proceeded to ‘hit on’ anything with legs.
Despite that and the fact that I went home $40 lighter, it was still quite a good night.

Saturday night was not how we had originally intended. It was going to be spent at Bassment which is this really awesome club where everyone is so nice, ‘rinsing’ is the only dance form and really cool drum and bass dj’s play. Only we have been quite a few times and the more we thought about everyone being less than 5cm away from the next person, drenched in sweat, and the whole place acting like a sauna, the more it seemed like a better idea to go again in winter and not after a hot day.

We then decided last minute to buy tickets via online to attend the state finals for Raw Comedy at His Majesty’s Theatre. The show consisted of 16 amateur-aspiring-comedians each having 5 minutes to do their stuff before announcing the winner at the end. It did not disappoint. I found myself in several fits from the terribly honest yet so relatable comedians.

It was also my first time going to His Majesty’s Theatre if you don’t count the several times I have stood outside on the pathway and admired from afar. The inside was also just as magical as the out. You could say I am a little obsessed with these old, marvellous and intricately decorated theatres, and transforming me to the early 1900's. Only the modern slang and common swear words in the stand ups could have fooled me.

Overall t’was a great weekend and I’d like to think that I actually properly experienced Perth and what it has to offer, rather than ‘getting loose’ and feeling crap every moment of the next day, particularly when I realise I have work the next day.

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