Thursday, 31 March 2016


A day out on the boat was great. We went to Blackwater reach where we watched for a good hour people chickening out on jumping off it. Although I can't really talk because I decided to float around on a donut and feed swans rather than jump from the cliff like I told everyone I would.

San Cisco came to Fremantle and played at J-Shed and it was amazing. The above picture is my friend and I getting pretty pumped to see one of our favorite bands. 
"I'd treat you better than Isabella baby" - me

My boyfriend and I went to Dunsborough for a couple nights on the weekend. Here I am standing in front of Sugar Loaf rock, before we climbed its sister. Dunsborough, and this place in particular, is officially my favorite place in the world.

I thought enhancements, of going to places that made me forget the world and the life I lived, were the key to my happiness.
But I realize now its the people I surround myself with and the places I go that touch my in a way drugs never can - that make me appreciate the world I live in and not the one I try to escape to. 

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