Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Creators and Learners

I was sitting in the passenger seat of a car while my mother drove me back to work after a long and eventful discussion we had at the beach.
Our discussion has no relevance whatsoever to what I am going to discuss but I felt it would better fit the mood if I explained the setting of this thought.

I had this realization that the world is made up of two kinds of people.
Now don't get offended and assume that I am being black and white - that people must be 100% in one category and not at all in the other because that is simply not true. More like, most people probably feel they better fit in one. It's not impossible to relate or do the things that the category they would consider is not 'theirs', but they find it better, easier perhaps, to follow their own.

So, my realization was that many people better fit in one of two categories: the learners and the creators.

I would just like to state now that neither category is better than the other; the world needs both. But I will admit that I may be quite bias towards the so-called category that I find I better fit.

The category of the creators is quite simple; they create. These are the people who often find themselves with many ideas. These are the people who I hope also try to put these ideas into reality. They are the artists of the world; helping others understand what is not necessarily obvious or perhaps in any physical form. These are the poets and songwriters who help people find understanding. The creators are the architects who cause people to stare upwards into the sky with their mouth parted or they could also possibly be the masterminds behind a new gadget or invention.

Then there are the learners. The learners follow steps and rules that have imprinted themselves into their mind from years of study perhaps, to figure out a solution to a problem. They might be really great at remembering and are the kids who aced their exams in high school. They are the nurses and doctors in the world. The scientists. The people who spend years studying a topic in order to exhibit it with ease. The seekers of facts and the ones who maintain this world and its survival.

Both when thought about it, both are completely necessary and vital. Perhaps a writer doesn't sound as important as a doctor (and I am not saying that they are), but who knows how many lives they could have and could possibly save with their words. I know that a song has managed to turn my mood around in a matter of minutes.
And a mere painting has had the ability to fill myself with  an almost overwhelming feeling of content. 
But I certainly wouldn't trust that artist to diagnose me; nor would I let them anywhere near me with a scalpel.

And perhaps this is where we went wrong in school - a curriculum designed primarily for 'learners'. I am not cut out for studying. My memory is ridiculous.
And I am sure there are many other people out their who were judged and graded on their ability to remember and regurgitate as opposed to their ability to create. But I also admit that it is far easier to make a living by doing something that can be learnt with hard work than hope that a great idea will sweep by and rescue one from the dead end their life may appear to be heading into.

Okay that's a bit dramatic but you catch my drift.

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