Sunday, 8 January 2017

Back to reality

I have just returned from my holiday down south from the Margaret Region with sadness but also appreciation for the great time and break that I had.

I am back at work now. Things at work were going really bad for a while so I was overwhelmed on my last day knowing that I wouldn't step foot in the building for a whole week.

But less about work, and more about my amazing trip.

Me and my boyfriend and his family stayed in a house in Dunsborough, as they do every year. I had never even been to Dunsborough before I met my boyfriend but it has now come to be my favorite place in the world (so far).
If you think that Perth beaches are amazing and beautiful, then just wait until you get a sight of the ones down South.

We spent the week exploring and finding different beaches - some accessible only by fourwheel drive. Our house had a pool so many hours were also spent residing on a day bed, reading my book and drinking cocktails. Since returning many people have commented on my brown pigment from hours spent in the sun.

I would like to wish you all a happy new year also. I hope that 2017 brings you something new and delightful things and also as Kyle Jenner had said using terms worthy of cringing, I hope you 'realize stuff'.

Unlike my friends who attended the Origin Music Festival, my boyfriend and I spent it at the holiday house with his family and two younger cousins. It was actually really fun.

We set up the backyard with Hawaiian themed decorations and even the food followed suit. We dressed up with our colourful leis and kicked off the night with a game of beer pong. The only disappointment was that by 10pm, despite being a fairly hot day, it reached down 13 degrees, leaving us abandoning our outdoor set up, heading inside and having a boogie in the comfort of the warmth.

We also missed the countdown by like half a minute; the music too loud that we didn't hear the countdown occurring on the radio. But it was still a really great night and the next day I was not suffering too much from a hangover or experiencing a come down so I was definitely not complaining.

During the week we went out on Callum's father's boat to Meelup beach. The water was crystal clear so don't be fooled by the above image, as it was actually three metres deep. On the ride to this pretty protected beach we also went past a swarm of dolphins. It was magical. 

I was very hesitant on one of the days when my boyfriend announced that he wanted to go on an adventure, go four wheel driving along the coast and find new places, as spending far too long in a car makes me restless and grumpy. But boy did we find some really amazing spots. We visited four lookouts with gigantic rocks and crashing waves, found a secluded lagoon where I took a dip, before spending an hour or so on the clearest watered beach I had ever seen with pure white sands and stones and a beautiful island a kilometre or so away.
The above picture was also taken from our first stop; Wyadup rocks near Yallingup. 

Another lovely memory of my week away was having to be rescued by a lifeguard in the Yallingup beach. I clearly underestimated my swimming abilities when I swam out into three meter swell, got caught in a rip and had to hold on to a floatie as the lifeguard brought me back. Was exactly how I wanted to end my 2016. Haha.

For a summarised video of our trip you can head to my instagram where I have uploaded it

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