Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Positive Starts

There's nothing like beginning the new year with a bang, and by 'bang' I mean something being destroyed like for instance, my job. 

I guess losing your job at any time in the year sucks, for sure. But perhaps if it had taken place, when it was announced that I would no longer keep my role and title in a position that I that dedicated everything to, bent over backwards for, and often jeopardized my social status and seeing friends and family for, would suck at any time of the year. But if it had happened at the end of last year, I can't help but think that I would be sad for whatever was left of 2016 and go into the new year positive with a mindset that told me it was for a reason. 

But despite that, this is a good thing. I have been offered another position within this industry. In the eyes of employees this role isn't necessarily better, but, on most occasions the pay is. 

So this all happened in one day. Yesterday to be in fact. I cried a lot at first which I am not proud of. It's hard feeling like all your hard work that got overlooked and the shit you took for a year in the hopes that people would one day notice your achievements was for nothing.
But it isn't for nothing. Not at all. I know that now. 

It looks good on my resume. I have experience. And, thankfully, after applying for jobs on Linkedin and editing my CV, I was told that I still have a job. I am much luckier than most to be able to say that. 

I turned down an offer made to me five months ago to move to Canada this year because of my job. I argued that I had a very good position with so many opportunities to move up and beyond and I couldn't just let it go to travel the world.
Next year will be different however. I am feeling very inspired. 

I am going to save, accept that offer and travel, work and see the world. 

I guess my problem was that I was trying to be older by focusing on my career that did make me happy for a while. But in the end it was much harder, physically and mentally, than I had originally anticipated. The workplace bullying coming mostly in forms of passive-aggressiveness and demeaning  jokes wasn't worth it anymore. And for the first time in a long time, I am happy, and excited, and ready to act the age that I am.  

So, here's a toast to positive starts *raises and sips coffee*


  1. So sorry to hear you lost your job. I hope the new job is treating you well and you still have time to write!

  2. Thank you James. Unfortunately things have been a bit hectic lately and I have yet again neglected this blog :(