Thursday, 20 April 2017

13 Reasons Why

My post isn't about the show I know you have all watched and don't need a recap because the memes on Facebook are there for that.
I am here to discuss the reaction from the viewers of the TV show I finished within 2 days of airing and counted down the days until it was on Netflix.

I am finding a lot of people, myself at times, and my boyfriend included, discussing how bad of a character that Hannah was.
A) she left her parents without even a goodbye
B) she didn't reach out hard enough to people for help
C) and she was hurt by Clay because he didn't confess his love that she knew very well was there.

I agree that she did these things and they were not right. But was she a bad person? 

Overall in the television series, I thought that she was a very relatable and down to Earth character. I admit that it took me a while to connect with her, but then when I did, I found similarities in the both of us.
In fact, I think most girls can relate to her. Because she isn't this quiet girl who hides in the corner feeling depressed. She was funny. Fun. She was normal.

And yet even though she was a representation of many girls all mixed into one, people are hating her because she didn't do enough?


Of course we would think that because we know what Hannah's inevitable fate is. 

And maybe, just maybe, she was portrayed in this exact light, because if you were to experience what she did, you would probably act the same way wouldn't you? You would shut people out, ignore it and hope it goes away. You would think that if someone was so quick to think so badly of you, then they probably don't even deserve to be in your life, correct? You would try to be as tough as she was.

I don't think it was just the act of bullying and the harm it can cause that this series wanted to shine light on. I think it was also the behavior of Hannah or the victim; the behavior that many people in her situation, feeling similar things, feels and does. 
It is to remind us that everyone has someone who loves them and parents who care. And seeing how they all feel post-tragedy with the loss of their beloved Hannah, it is so we ask ourselves if we could ever put someone through the same thing. It is so we don't do the same thing that Hannah did, despite how much easier it may be. 

Dig deeper people. 

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