Monday, 2 December 2013

This dress was a gift, or even a hand-me-down dress given from a relative. I immediately fell in love with it due to its vintage appeal and the fact that it resembled a dress from one of my favourite movies, Pretty Woman.
The dress came with a matching belt in the same pattern and fabric but instead I used a silk belt that I had purchased from Supre in year eight, but however I don’t recommend the store, although they are good for the basics. Unfortunately the dress was from Ireland from a brand I had never heard of, so any other items similar will be impossible for me to get *sad face*.

I'm wearing straw wedges that I absolutely love and wear all the time (which is why they appear so worn out), which were from Betts and scored for about $20.00. They have a real hippy-like feel and so they will go perfect with my outfit that I plan on wearing to a Hippy Themed party coming up. They’re also perfect for summer.

In case you couldn’t already tell, I am not much of a photographer but I was really proud of those light specs and rays that snuck in a shot :) 

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