Monday, 2 December 2013

I'm baaaack

May I just start with the absolutely awesome fact that I now have internet! Woo. The internet tends to disappear rather quickly within this household due to a certain someone, not going to name names, who abuses the internet for online x-box and anime games. Thanks a lot, man.

I can say that I've actually missed writing on my blog, and sharing my probably very boring thoughts with the cyber universe. Secondly, I graduated and my WACE exams are finished so I can safely say, I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL. Hallelujah, raise the roof, drop it likes it’s hot, booya.

I am not sure where I am actually going to go with my life as of now, but I hope to work, get some money and really work on my blog. I had to put this hobby on hold for a while due to school commitments but it gives me so much pleasure that I can actually dedicate a lot of my time to this, and this shall become a big commitment. Don’t be fooled by my rants lately; this is still a fashion blog but also a semi (or very) personal one too.

I thought I’d share a few images of how I have spent the beginning of my freedom, which is under the sun. I could not wait for summer any longer and did not hesitate to hit the beach and get my tan on. What was even better about that day was the fact that the beach was quiet as most people were either at work or school, and I was neither. It was perfect.

I was wearing some funky vintage sunglasses that my best friend scored for two dollars from the markets and so kindly lent me. The other photos were taken right before I basically face planted the watermelon. Mmm, watermelon.


Note to self: hit the markets

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