Thursday, 6 October 2016

Not So Original

I try to be original when it comes to my blog posts. I don’t want to be like most other bloggers out there; merely writing about what I wore and exactly what I did. 

But when it comes to this time of year, every damn year, that gets all thrown out the window and despite urging myself not to, and attempting to hold back, I write about the same topic that I do every damn year, SUMMER!

I’m not even going to apologize. Summer is my absolute favorite season and the cold and bitterness of winter felt as if it was never going to end and there were honestly times when I believed summer had well and truly left, forever.
But it’s approaching; better late than ever. And my goodness am I gon’ darsh excited.

NOT ONLY am I now able to leave my house without getting rained on or getting annoyed by the consistent complaints of the low temperature (which I will admit is mostly from me), but I can go to the dearly beloved beach, drink ice cold cocktails, go camping without feeling the need to hide away in the tent whilst wrapping myself up in the sleeping bag and have picnics in different places. 

There is something about the feeling of Summer, or even the warmer days of Spring for that matter approaching that makes me feel like a fourteen year old again.
I remember being in high school, counting down the days until the holidays began with the expectation of going to parties and the beach and meeting up with friends and drinking smoothies and I couldn't bloody wait. Only those outings were rare and I found myself in front of the television far more often than in the sun with company that wasn't my dog.

Last year, I even tried to mimick the Summer of  '11 where my best friend and I had a 'Summer Bucket List' that we actually completed quite well; doing tasks such as 'the milk challenge', stealing a sign and going for a McDonalds run  in our pyjamas at two in the morning.
Okay, this sounds pretty lame but as fifteen year old's it felt like far from it.

My summer last year did not involve the beach as much as I had thought but I did a) go to pool parties, b) drink cocktails at a bar whilst watching the sunset, c) make my own smoothies and sip them as I sunbathed in my backyard and d) hang out with a lot of friends. I even went on a boat trip and attempted water boarding (which I failed ultimately at). So despite that about 70% of my usual days consisted of watching television, I thought this was a really good effort for my usual Summer's and I would definitely consider it a good one.

So no doubt I have high expectations as I notice the sun rising a millisecond earlier each day and when I hop into a warm car during my lunch break the familiar sensation reminds me of what awaits.

And then I realise that I will be working 5 days a week and have only two days to soak up the sun.On the bright side at least I will have some money to fund my expeditions.

So, here is my list of things I intend to do during the warmer months - though I say this now and I bet you I will probably only get around to doing half of them
1.       See Violent Soho on the 5th of November as a belated birthday celebration for both myself and my partner. This one is a definite as I have already purchased my tickets as well as matching band t-shirts.

2.       Rent a Cabana at Matisse Beach Club for my twentieth birthday (where in the hell has the time gone????) so that my friends and I can drink champagne in style

3.       Go to Wonderland in December: a chilled but unique festival usually filled with teepees where you can get face paintings, henna tattoos, more alcohol or just a downright good chat. I’ll also get to see The Jungle Giants – a band I am quite fond of.

4.       Go to Dunsborough for a week. And for those of you who don’t know where or what Dunsborough is; it’s a holiday destination south of Perth, consisting of beautiful beaches and is close by to even more beautiful beaches. Dunsborough is perhaps my favorite place on Earth… so far

5.       Go snorkeling as I promise myself to do every year but go once at the most. I’m committing this time
6.       Rooftop movies that so happens to only be open during summer – which is completely understandable.

7.       Check out the floating bar in Elizabeth Quays that I have been interested in visiting but the cold weather has left me feeling quite reluctant to get out of bed on a cold night

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