Thursday, 8 September 2016

Alita's September Faves of the Internet


I know September has only just begun but several days ago I stumbled across two blogs that I have become instantly obsessed with and spend every free moment at work viewing.


I have been following Jason Parry on Instagram for quite some time. He takes gorgeous photography and his short films are amazing. It was a great day when I found Jenny Penny on Instagram as well; a model, blogger and the gorgeous wife of the amazing photographer.

'On the way out' follows Jenny's life that I would die to have. Featuring photographs from her shoots and following the adventures of her and her lover with road trips and explorations. 

It's great getting an insight on the gorgeous Jenny (who is now my motivation to work out) and her wild love.
'Keep me wild' - is the couple's unique quote, even written permanently on each other's skin.  

You can also read how they met; on Valentines Day while she had a boyfriend but the chemistry was too much to deny. Six years later they are married and still in the love only so few get to experience.


Not only does For Love and Lemons sell amazing clothing (that I unfortunately cannot afford) but they have a blog too. It isn't necessarily the posts following the 'days off' with gorgeous beauties and models, but their 'Sleeping in With' posts I have found myself reading endlessly about.

Sleeping in with Julie Beekman and Ryan Lovelock
I thought that it was really cool that they would get an interesting couple, and ask them several questions in regards to their relationship. I know it sounds pretty boring, but it's great getting an insight on the secret lives of these people.
Jason and Jenny Parry were one of them. Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez (that you may know from 'couples goals' photos or you may even be one of their millions of followers on instagram), were another.
It's good to know that despite that they are living these AMAZING lives, their relationships are not all that different to ours.

Plus, reading some of the boyfriend's (often sarcastic) comments and responses to some of the questions are quite amusing.

Sleeping in with Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez

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