Thursday, 29 September 2016

Chasing Waterfalls

And here are a few photos that I love, taken of me when my boyfriend and I found a waterfall in our small city of Perth, that not many people know about.
And because I'm selfish, I'm going to try and make it remain that way and not declare its location out loud to just anybody.

This is precisely how I plan to spend my Summer. Finding water bodies, dipping my toes in if not my entire body, appreciating the beauty that this world created all on its own for us to marvel at it; showing a close friend one by one of these beautiful places in the hopes that the rubbish I found on the rocks left behind by previous visitors will not expand.

I decided that I am going to lay off festivals, or at least choose wisely of which ones I am going to attend and try to keep it to a minimum. I get too carried away. I'm also starting to grow bored, finding that each festival I go to is becoming quite the same; everyone getting fucked up, blowing off steam and even myself am often too far gone that I forget to see a few of the acts I really wanted to watch.

Last summer, I went to practically every festival for the hell of it. Don't get me wrong, I loved the artists, and I had some really AMAZING times. I made a lot of memories. But I went because it was a festival and festivals are the bomb.
But now I feel I want to see these acts on-one-on, at an event where not everyone is snorting ecstasy in the port-a-loo's and everyone there is for that one artist, and they get so into it.  
And making this decision, was a big one for me and got me pretty down. I began to wonder, well now what am I going to do this summer? I got day-by-day being excited to attend the next festival and now that excitement is gone.
And then I remembered this day only several weeks ago, when I sat on the rocks and it was really windy and cold but beautiful, and we brought a beer each and talked and stared down below and then I thought, this.  

My boyfriend is aware of these weird thoughts and feelings that I have; that things need to be big and extravagant for me in order to feel their worth. It's quite sad, really. He's been trying to convince me for years to appreciate the little things. I thought I was. But only now I do really think I'm beginning to.

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