Monday, 26 September 2016

Listen Out

Do you ever watch those music videos that portray young people (particularly females) in convertibles, driving down a desolate road with their arms in the air, hair blowing around with smiles of content-ness?

Does it leave you with this sense of nostalgia for a time you never experienced with the urge to run away, go on a road trip with friends and drunkenly explore?
But then you realize that when travelling down a deserted road, it usually means it’s a highway and the speed does not only make the skin on your face push back unattractively with your head hanging out the window, but makes your eyes water, enables you to see and you find its best to just leave your head in its designated safe position in the car. Also, not only do you look like an absolute weirdo with your arms stretched out into the wind, but they soon tire. And the smile of freedom doesn’t last long because you know that once the weekend is over, you return back to your normal life with responsibilities and the sense of freedom the open road gives you is gone in an instant.

Or films and videos of a large group of people sitting around on the beach, watching the sun go down with beers in their hands as if they are exactly where they are supposed to be in life?
It gives me the sense of excitement for summer to come and re-enact that very scene, before realizing my ‘group of people’ would consist of two friends and drinking on nearby beaches are unfortunately prohibited.

So, I guess this is why I love festivals so much. Because yeah, they only last a day or two, and I spent a large sum of money on an outfit I may not wear again, but there, I don’t need to force these re-enactments in order to feel the sense of wildness and freedom. It’s hard not to when surrounded by so many people like you that are there for a good time whilst listening to your favourite bands and musicians, making temporary friends for a day and feeling a close connection with those already close to you.

I attended Listen Out on Sunday the 25th of September. I had been looking forward to it for absolute months, even more so that I was going to be able to spend it with my beloved boyfriend after breaking up and being separated for several months.
I couldn’t wait to run around all day and dance with him and get on his shoulders and kiss him during ‘Innerbloom’ by Rufus whilst singing the lyrics, “if you want me, if you need me, I’m yours”, because I truly meant it. Which was exactly what happened.

If you asked me yesterday how the festival was I would have groaned, which is the usual day-after-festival result when your mind is scattered, you haven’t retrieved all your memory back and you’re so very damn tired. That’s what pills do to you.
Luckily, I only had one, so today, being Tuesday, I am back to feeling like my usual self and now that my head and memories are clearer, I can now confirm that I HAD A GREAT DAY.

I will also say that LDRU is absolutely AMAZEBALLS. And although my boyfriend and I lost our friends and lack of phone reception meant we didn’t find them again for hours, I was glad that I was lost with him and very appreciative that he made me put on jeans last minute as opposed to wearing mini shorts because bloody hell was it cold.

I also caught up with my sister who watched Rufus with us and we danced and got on our boyfriend’s shoulders whilst holding hands and yeah, it was actually such a great day.

So not to be completely typical but hastag-best-day, hashtag-happy-as-a-clam and hastag-nostalgic-for-Rufus

My metallic bodysuit was purchased from Topshop. 
I originally bought black high-waist short to go along with it from Universal store but the weather had me changing into my over worn jeans. 

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