Monday, 14 November 2016


The start of these warmer days has miraculously provided me with the energy to explore and get up and do more than just simply lie in bed on my days of leisure and binge watch Gilmore Girls. 

My boyfriend and I are making more of an effort to explore our much complained about city and find out what it really has to offer. We went on a hike and visited Ellis Brooke Valley Reserve that contained a quarry which I had intentions of swimming in but the lack of algae and the fact that the ducks nearby would rather swim in the dirty puddles than in that water made me change my mind. Nevertheless it was beautiful and has the potential to be a really great picnic spot. 

My boyfriend and I also saw Violent Soho. I would also like to take the time now to congratulate them on being nominated for the Australian Aria Award for best album of the year. 
I have literally been wanting to see them for years and my, did they not disappoint. Tired Lion also opened up the show who I hear a lot on Triple J and have taken a liking to.
Metal bands isn't really my thing but Violent Soho have really managed to capture my heart. The mosh pit was filled with people pushing and jumping around quite violently, something I despise, but I found myself jumping around and yelling along to the lyrics and it just really was just a great night. 

My sister and I have also decided to be Vegetarian. Now before you start rolling your eyes and calling us pathetic, hear me out.
Having a vegetarian diet is something I have contemplated for many years, but I wondered what I would do if I went over someone's house for dinner and they had to make something different for me and I would feel bad. But we decided that we have had enough with the treatment of animals that are bred only for their meat and if that meant we had to eat before going over anyone's house, than so be it. 

I know that the consumption of meat was necessary for humans to evolve, in fact, it was vital for this. I don't disagree one bit and people always argue this. 
BUT we have evolved now. We are smart and we have come up with so many substitutes and other ways that we don't have to rely on meat anymore, however our instincts still overpower our humanity. 
I don't hope for there one day to be a world with no meat eating. I just hope for a world who does it ethically and cruelty free. I hope for a world who doesn't eat meat every, but just enough to remain healthy. And for a world who doesn't waste animals or kill them inhumanely. 

Below is also a photograph of myself and some friends at the Ascot Racecourse that we attended for another of our friend's birthdays over the weekend. It was only approximately a half hour after this was taken that the alcoholic affects of the game of beer pong we played using champagne kicked in and I spent most of the day drinking large quantities of water and remaining seated. 

Outfits in order:
- denim vintage style shorts from Ally Fashion
- red top was snagged at an op shop for $4

- black, purple and white striped top from City Beach. One of my winter essentials

- Favorite midi red dress from Universal store. Absolutely love the flattering length and cross over neckline with tie
- black strappy heels are from Forever New, which were purchased with a gift card
- paired with purse from Colette that can also be worn with a long shoulder strap

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