Tuesday, 1 November 2016


I am now twenty years old and my first thought is that I can no longer justify my strange thoughts, overreactions and dramatic outlook on the fact that I am a naive and often pessimistic, melodramatic teenager.
But if you think that reaching a mature age that comes with a lot of expectations is going to change me, think again. Because trust me, I've tried. But being rational and sensible just does not work for me.

It has been an eventful weekend of celebrations. Friday night was my sister's 19th birthday. Despite my fear of getting old, it is good to know that those close to me will be going through the exact same thing. And when I am sad because my skin hangs loosely in places skin did not once hang loose, my memory fades and a walk in the park may become a struggle, I can tease my sister for getting old too.

We went out Friday night for drinks with my sister's friends for her birthday. The night began well and was a lot of fun but concluded with me losing my bloody phone (if anyone has seen a rather smashed iphone 6 lying around in Northbridge, please let me know).

My boyfriend surprised me with not only 24 roses being delivered to me at work, but also took me to the Rendezvous hotel aka. Observation City, Saturday night where we stayed on the top floor with amazing views of the ocean. We spent the night watching movies and ordering room service.

Sunday, we decided to extend our stay for another night. After having breakfast in the Club Lounge (yes very fancy) we wandered about before getting ready for more birthday celebrations at Matisse Beach Club. A few of my closest friends came to celebrate by getting me rather intoxicated. I booked a Cabana from 3pm-7pm and we were given a bottle of Moet Champagne and a small bar tab which was very well worth the money I paid for.


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